Orchard Wyndham Manor

The home of the Wyndham family for more than 700 years.

Sitting in a bowl on the edge of Exmoor, between the Brendon Hills to the East, and the Quantocks to the West, Orchard Wyndham is a secret and ancient place. Look at it from the North, and it appears to be a stately medieval manor. From the West, it looks more like a hamlet. Both are true.


It is a rambling, occasionally grand, often frail house that demands much maintenance and sensitive restoration. It is also a living house, the roots of our family.


We do our best to avoid giving the ordinary sort of tour. Whether a family member or friend, your guide will want to know your particular interests – to better tailor the tour. All visits are escorted, and visitors are invited to see the principal rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, as well as the gardens.


Guided tours at 2pm on selected days from April to September.

See website for opening times and prices



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