Regal Theatre - Hullabaloo

10 July 2020 7.30pm

Hailing from the deepest depths of West Wales, Hullabaloo is formed of three musicians whose sole mission is to accurately recreate the incredible music and live performances of the legendary band MUSE.

Traveling up and down the UK and beyond headlining prestigious venues such as Bristol’s The Fleece and Oakwood Theme Park’s After Dark Festival, Hullabaloo have truly made a name for themselves on the Tribute scene. Their repertoire covers an impressive breadth of hits specially selected from MUSE’s number 1 selling albums; from ‘Showbiz’ through to ‘Simulation Theory’, even including some of the more obscure B-sides and spur of the moment live jams that only the most loyal fans will recognise. Not only have Hullabaloo captured the incredibly demanding
signature sound of MUSE, but they also look the part performing in their stylised costumes beneath an onslaught of mesmerising visuals. Their passionate performances are bound to leave you wondering: Is this really a tribute or could it actually be the real deal? There’s only one way to find out …come join the resistance and experience it for yourself.

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