Meet local author of The Ant Murders - Marion Lindsey -Noble


Ever wondered what was the inspiration behind the book you’re reading? Well, wonder no longer. We asked Marion Lindsey-Noble, local author of the popular Ant Murders novels to share what hooked her into the world of writing.   

Many people visiting Minehead admire its beautiful position between beaches and the wonderfully green hills - just think of the spectacular North Hill or nearby Dunkery Beacon - and only a few miles away lies the wild landscape of Exmoor glowing purple in August with heather blooms and the ever so hardy gorse, which one West Country writer, R.F. Delderfield, of A HORSEMAN RIDIGN BY, DIANA and TO SERVE THEM ALL MY DAYS fame, once compared to the golden helmets of Genghis Khan and his soldiers.

And that brings me to the topic of writers in Minehead and surroundings. There are many more than you imagine. You will be able to meet most of them at this year's 'MEET YOUR LOCAL AUTHORS' event at the Minehead Information Centre, opposite the wonderfully romantic steam trains on Sunday 22nd September 2024


I'll be there, too, because I have been a writer for the best part of 25 years.

It all began with R.F.Delderfield: I loved his books, wanted to read his biography but - couldn't find one. After a lot of research and with the permission of the author's family, I wrote it myself: BUTTERFLY MOMENTS. Soon I realized that I had caught the bug, writing THE GREEN SARI Trilogy about the trials and tribulations of a Western woman moving for love to Bangaldesh. This was followed by an edition of short stories, MIXED BLESSINGS, AND OTHER LOVE STORIES, until I changed course altogether and wrote... thrillers, THE ANT MURDERS, to the background of our fascinating Exmoor. However, beguiling though, Exmoor is still home to people who have to earn a living here and bring up families, and there are plenty of social issues to solve, often surprisingly similar to those in other parts of the country. Yes, and there is even crime.

Volume 1 THE HUNCH Starts, very conveniently, with Antonia Bell (Ant), a retired SOCO or, as they are called now, a CSI has moved to Exmoor to breed pigs and to forget all about her past, professional and private, especially her previous boss, SIO Benjamine E. Cox (Bex), her previous boss. However, soon after her arrival on glorious Exmoor, he begs her to help in a cold case, close to both their hearts: the disappearance a couple of years ago of their friend and colleague, the pathologist Lucinda Sheridan.

Neither can Ant say no in THE FRENCH GIRL, volume 2, to help with her expertise as a forensic scientist, when the Headmistress of Dulverton School puts through a frantic call for help: one of the visiting French exchange students has disappeared. Volume 3, COLD COMFORT, features the stretch of Exmoor between Wheddon Cross and Minehead and highlights not only the pleasure of living on fascinating Exmoor, but also the dangerous isolation and loneliness that sometimes sets in. And finally, volume 4 is based on the Exmoor National Park's DARK SKY star-gazing walks, beginning with a scream on the Coastal Path just before the group reach the Valley of the Rocks.

My brain is already working on the next episode of Ant's busy retirement, and I have the wonderful privilege of going on research trips to the wildest corners of the Moor and meeting the people there who love Exmoor as much as I do.

Dear Readers, please, make a note of the date of the ‘Meet Your Local Author' event on this Blog and I'll meet you in Minehead with many of my fellow writers. See you there and do bring some nice weather with you, please!

In the meantime, happy reading!

Marion Lindsey-Noble

All books are available to buy at Minehead Information Centre, priced £7.99 each.  

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